Rubber Sheet Batch Off Cooling Line Film Cooling Line
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As a downstream auxiliary of internal mixer, it is mainly used for coating with release agent, cooling, drying and pack stacking, working with internal mixer, extruding sheeter, open mixing mill ,etc

1. The operation of coating with release agent, cooling, drying and pack stacking are performed in a signal machine and realize continuous production at high efficiency.

2. Cooling part is equipped with fans of low power, low noise and high wind pressure. It adopts packet start with good cooling effect.

3. Use of PLC and the frequency-control speed regulation make it easy to control the whole process .

4. There are floor type, overhead type, hang-up type, flat net type,etc to choose from according to customer’s requirement.

Techncial Parameters:

Max.product width (mm)600800900
Product thickness (mm)6-126-126-12
Rubber sheeting temperature above room temperature after cooling (℃)444
Liner speed of pick-up conveyor (m/min)3-354-405-50
Liner speed of sheet hanging bar (m/min)1-1.281-1.281-1.28
Max.hanging height of rubber sheet (mm)150015001500
Quantity of cooling fans6-1414-5224-64
Total power(Kw)1620-2625-35
Overall dimension(mm)(L)1240014850(-18600)18000(21750)




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