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1.simple structure ,easy to operate.
2.easy to maintenance.
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Detailed Product Description

1.simple structure ,easy to operate. 

2.easy to maintenance. 

3.the movement can be through the manual or by electricity. 

Also called open mixing mill


1.The roller adopts safe cold hard cast-iron, formed by the grinding smooth surface.  Inside the hollow cylinder for use , the steam and cooling water is used to regulate the temperature of the rolls according to the requirement .

2.Two rolls with different relative rotation speed,  make the rubber roller into the slot between the two rubber rolle by mechanical process.

3.While happened accidents, pull the rod, the main parts won’t be damaged  for its protection immediately braking ,. So it is safe and reliable. 

Working principle

Its main working parts  is  two different parts of the rotating drill hollow cylinder or rollers. The device in the side of the operator, can be called the front roll and operated  by manual or electricity in the level movement in order to adjust and adapt to the requirements from roller.

Technical parameters

Working diameter rolle(mm)φ160φ250φ300φ360φ400φ450φ560/510
The length of roller work(mm)320620750900100012001530
Front roller speed(m/min)8.9515.315.116.2518.6524.3227.72
Before and after the roller speed ratio(m/min)1:1.351:1.11:1.271:1.251:1.271:1.271:1.2
Roll away the largest(mm)4.58810101520
A feeding quantity(kg)1-210-1515-2020-2518-3525-5050-65
Driving motor power5.518.52230375590
Outline demension(mm)1226312037804250435050005845

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