We delivery the HC550 floor shot blasting machine to our customers today.

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Our floor shot blasting machine sells well for the following reasons.

1.Cleaning the rubber on airport runway.

2.Cleaning,derusting and depitching for the suirface of steel structure.

3.Maintenance of bridge.

4.Ground floor project-based surface treatment.

5.Maintenance of highways.

6.Maintenance of municipal road.

7.Maintenance and derusting of hull surface.

8.Removal of zebra crossing.

9.Other surface treatment.


After receiving customer's inquiry, we always reply immediately.Then our team will communicat with the client about the Details of the machine.


By the way,The color of the machine can be customized.We assure that we can provide Diversified customized services and technical support immediately.


We can produce the floor shot blasting machine according to customer demand.

If you are interested with our machine,please tell me now.

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