Tilt Drum Shot Blasting Machine
The tilt inclined drum type shot blasting machine is a new type of shot blasting machine produced by our company absorbing the technology of advanced German companies. It adopts the unique drum shaking structure of our company. During shot blasting, the drum not only rotates but also shakes up and down. Therefore, the product in the cylinder is completely stirred to achieve a uniform cleaning effect.
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Product Description

The tilt drum shot blasting machine provides outstanding performance and reliability. Designed for foundry, forge and heat treat requirements.

The drumshot blasting machine is the ideal solution to clean small to medium size parts that would normally become jammed in traditional Tumblast machine.

The drumshot blasting machine is the ideal solution to clean parts that would normally become pinched or jammed in our traditional Tumblast machine, reducing chances of part damage. Barrel machines are designed for easy maintenance to provide shorter downtime.



-Iron, steel and metal foundries

-Heat treat operations

-Forging operations

-Small stamping parts manufacturers


Using magnetic separator

Since the treatment is a casting, there is lots of sand on the surface of the workpiece. The wind separator alone is not enough to separate the molding sand ; the magnetic separation roller make the rate of the sand separator more than 98%.

Environmental protection

The advanced secondary dust removal mode, including the first-stage cyclone dust collector and the secondary cartridge filters dust collector, can effectively make the dust emission concentration far below the standard to reach ≤50 mg/m3;

Advanced nature of electrical control

Centralized control with Siemens touch screen and PLC.


-Efficient and uniform blast cleaning effect

-Thin and small special parts can also be processed

-Simple and accurate input and discharge

-Simple maintenance

Basic parameters

Max. weight of single workpiece (kg)40
Max. length of single piece(mm)500
Diameter of drum(mm)Ø1500
Effective volume(m³)0.6
Number of blast wheel1
Blast wheel power(kW)30
Max. Loading capacity(kg)1500

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