Steel Pipe Outer Wall Shot Blasting Machine
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Functions overview

Steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine is independent developed by our company of a new type of equipment. Cleaning equipment classification, it belongs to the pipe outer wall of shot blasting machine (QGW series), but it has some advantages:

The fourth generation of the international cantilever centrifugal blast wheel, a large quantity of shot blasting, high projectile speed significantly improve the efficiency of the clean-up, can obtain a satisfactory quality of the clean-up

Diagram of simulated projectiles (including shot blasting device type, number and spatial arrangement to determine the location, etc.), and shot blasting machine drawings are fully computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, selection and arrangement of the blast wheel is more reasonable. Projectile utilization and labor productivity to ensure that the cleaning effect, reducing the wear and tear on the chamber body guard

Separator adopts the U.S. Pan Bangen BE full curtain separation technology, good separation results.

Projectile control system using our patented technology, electromagnetic control, simple and reliable


This type of cleaning machine (QGW series) suitable for various diameter steel pipe outer wall surface cleaning, to fit the needs of all walks of life of the workpiece.

※ This machine is derived from the QGW series, is a dedicated non-standard equipment.

We apply the blast cleaning technology to achieve the rust, the purpose of strengthening, shot blasting and still is the world's most economical and most reliable method. Blast cleaning compared with other clean-up technology has the following 


Improve the fatigue performance of mechanical products and metal components

Eliminate stress concentration

Extending its life

Optimization of the workpiece surface process state

Greatly improve the efficiency of clean-up

Reduce the labor intensity of the clean-up work

Reduction of environmental pollution

This type of equipment is widely used in mines, oil fields, pipe coating pre-treatment, the seabed or desert gas duct blaster, used to improve the appearance quality of the product components and the state of the surface craft.

Technical parameters

1) Size of cleaning workpiece:pipe(∮50-∮70)X1200-1600mm

2)Roller conveyor

power          2.2 kW

reducer quantity      1

3) Blast wheel

type                 Q036

disk diameter           φ360mm

Total abrasive flow rate             2*180kg/min

Total power                 2*11kW

4) Elevating conveyor

  lifting amount             25t/h

 speed                   1.22m/s

power                    3KW


           separating amount            25t/h

           separation area wind speed         4-5m/s

6)Screw conveyor

 throughput              25t/h

 power                2.2KW  



           Feeding amount for the first time             800Kg

           Diameter                0.6—1.2mm


        8) Total power:              40.45kw

  Can do customized according to the customer's workpiece size.

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