H Beam Shot Blasting Machine
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Roller Shot Blasting Machine Working Description

Shot blasting machine, in the cleaning process ,the adjustable speed conveyor roller is controlled by the electric,it will transport the steel workpieces or steel projectile body to the blasting area of cleaning machine room , its whole body on each side is hit and friction by the strong intensive projectile from different coordinate orientation , so that the oxide scale, rust and dirt on the rapidly falling, get some roughness and smooth steel surface ,on both sides of the exits and entrances of outdoor ,roller loadand unload the workpieces. Projectiles falled above the steel and dust and rust is purged by the venting device , scattered down the pill dust mixture is transported by screw conveyor into the chamber funnel, vertical and horizontal screw conveyor brings together below the lelevator, then rise to separater on the upper part , purity projectile after separation drops in the separator hopper for recycling shot blasting. the dust produced during the shot blast cleaning  is sent to the dust removal system by the exhaust pipe , treated air is discharge to atmosphere,the granular dust is collected.

1. Steel plate surface cleaning.

2. Derusting  for the surface of steel structure.

3. Surface cleaning of steel pipe.

4. Stone floor surface treatment.

5. Cleaning up the beam steel or other metal structure workpieces .

6. Cleaning up the heat metal workpieces.

7. Mantenance and derusting of hull surface

8. Cleaning up the beam steel or other metal structure workpieces of highways.

9. Other surface treatment


Technical parameters of QH69

Effective cleaning widthmm800120015001800
Room size body feed inlet sizemm1000x17001400x17001700x17002000x1800
Length of the workpiecemm1200-120001200-130001500-130002000-13000
Workpiece sizemm800x15001200x15001500x15001800x1600
Transmission speed(no load speed)M/min0.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-4
Shot volume abrasive flow rateKg/min8*1808*1808*2508*250
The first time loading capacitykg4000500050006000
Total power (without dust collector)Kw125130180180

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