Rubber Cutting Machine Hydraulic Cutter
1.Rise automatically ,High efficiency
2.Simple structure ,easy to operate
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Single-knife hydraulic rubber cutter 

1.Rise automatically ,High efficiency 

2.Simple structure ,easy to operate 

Single-knife hydraulic rubber cutting machine 


1.This type of cutting machine is used to cut natural rubber,synthetic rubber products and other plastic materals, simply structure, convenient to operate,

2.the machine is composed of hydraulic cylinder ,column and foundation. It is frame-bent stander

3.push the nife through hydraulic system

4.rise automatically and restoration after finishing to cut off the material,

5.simple structure ,convient to operate

6.high production efficiency,reduce labor intensity

Technical parameter

Width of blade cutter (mm)6601000
Length of blade cutter (mm)680680
Total pressure of cylinder (KN) about150150
Time of blade cutting (s)16~2510~16
Motor power (KW)5.55.5
Overall dimension(mm) : (length × width × height )1900×720×25802240×720×2580
Weight of products(KG)15002000

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