Mobile Concrete Surface Shot Blasting Machine
The equipment adopts Germany imported sealing ring, sealing effect is good.
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Functions overview

The shot blasting machine adopts this way to get projectiles by mechanical material (Shot or sand) to a very high speed and a certain angle to the work surface, so that the impact produced by projectile materials can clear the workpieces’s surface and then inside the machine the projectile material and impurities will be recovered respectively through the vacuum cleaner air and can be reused again. The machine is equipped with dust-removal, so that it can work without dust and pollution, not only to improve efficiency, but also to protect the environment.The shot cleaning process can clean a variety of attachments, also can increase the surface roughness; The machine does not close the roads when working.It is easy to use,convenient to work with low cost, high mobility and green environmental protection.Shot material can be automatically recycled. While the impurities and dust will fall into the dust collector box.

Application of shot blasting machine

With the continuous improvement of shot blasting processing equipment and technology, It has entered the developed countries for road maintenance, bridge construction and airport maintenance etc.

1,The surface treatment of concrete bridge deck

Waterproofing layer , widely used in concrete bridge deck,can greatly reduce the damage to concrete bridges due to water penetration and extend the life of the bridge. But waterproofing layer and the surface layer and bridge surface would make dislocation as the bond strength becomes weak with the increase in traffic. Chinese concrete bridges have similar problems . Even water penetration cause the concrete loose, falling off and steel corrosion. One of the reasons for the above problems is that the concrete layers can not keep a certain degree of rough surface to ensure bond strength when the shot blasting treatment failed to completely remove the residual surface material.But our machine can clear up completely and make rough surface at same time.Also it can increase the bonding strength of water-proof layer and concrete layer to expose completely concrete cracks in order to take remedial measures in advance. 

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2,Steel bridge surface cleaning, anti-corrosion coating pre treatment

Shot blasting equipment has been widely used in anti-corrosion on bridge,especially in the anti-corrosion on the steel box beam ,and become essential to construction equipment in China.

They have been chosen to use to clear and make roughness on surface for most bridges before anti-corrosion and coating process, such as: the Yangtze River Bridge, Jiangyin Bridge, Junshan Bridge, Baishazhou bridge , the Lupu Bridge and the East Sea Bridge and so on.

It can be achieved SA2.5/SA3 of steel cleanliness requirements when our shot blasting machines clear steel bridge, and roughness can be controlled to meet the coating requirements, and the machine has dust-free operation with high efficiency, easy to move.

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Shot blasting for concrete pavement texturing

In China, the tunnel road is made by cement concrete considering of water-resistant, fire-resistant and oil-resistant .But it is very slip. The periodic use of shot blasting machine to clean up the tunnel road can greatly improve the road friction coefficient when contamination, as well as tire treads lower its friction, so that the tunnel road surface slip resistance greatly would improve significantly and reduce the accident rate. For example, Chongqing Tongyu Tunnel, Guiyang Ying Pun Po tunnel, Kun Shi speed Qingshuigou tunnel, etc., are used shot blasting machines on the concrete road surface maintenance.

Anti-slide treatment to asphalt pavement

Shot blasting machine is widely used in paving asphalt road in order to improve its surface roughness and friction coefficient, thus enhance the adhesion of the road to ensure road safety. It also can clear the asphalt pavement of the fixtures (such as fuel, oil, etc) . Mainly used in the following areas: 

(1) Shot blasting pre treatment can clear the surface,high its roughness,enhance the bonding strength between the overlay layer and the original road before we use the asphalt concrete to cover the road,so that can extend the life of the road; Shot blasting process has same role before we use slurry seal and resin material to pave the road

(2) Shot treatment process can be used directly on the asphalt pavement, for example, increasing surface roughening in turning road to improve the sliding performance.

(3) Shot blasting machine can directly remove oil bleeding on the asphalt surface so that can reduce the sliding caused by bleeding oil. 

(4) This shot blasting machine can also be used to remove the marker line.

Shot blasting equipment and milling equipment can remove the marker lines;but shot blasting equipment particularly is suitable for remove the cold paint marking line, as well as municipal and pedestrian street surface cleaning.

Technical Parameters:

Working width270mm550mm850mm1000mm
Working efficiencyOn the concrete surface≥150m2/hOn the concrete surface≥300m2/hOn the concrete surface≥450m2/hOn the concrete surface≥550m2/h
On the surface of steel plate≥40m2/hOn the surface of steel plate≥80m2/hOn the surface of steel plate≥120m2/hOn the surface of steel plate≥150m2/h
(SA2.5Depends on the steel corrosion degree)
Blasting unit main motor power11KW2*11kw2*15KW2*18.5KW
Walking speed0.5-20m/min0.5-20m/min0.5-20m/min0.5-20m/min
Projectile consumption<50g/m2<50g/m2<50g/m2<50g/m2
Main machine weight~390kg~680kg~780kg~950kg
Power supply380V,50Hz,3Phase(can adjust according to the requirements)
Shot blasting size1900*380*1100mm1950*720*1130mm1950*1000*1250mm2050*1180*1450mm
Dust collector size1550*810*1700mm1950*1030*1500mm2160*1030*1560mm2160*1030*1560mm

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