Vehicle Mounted Driving Automatic Shot Blasting Machine Ride On Shot Blaster
The shot blasting machine adopts this way to get projectiles by mechanical material (Shot or sand) to a very high speed and a certain angle to the work surface, so that the impact produced by projectile materials can clear the workpieces’s surface and then inside the machine the projectile material and impurities will be recovered respectively through the vacuum cleaner air and can be reused again.
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Equipment main configuration.

1, 100KW Weichai power diesel engine, Stanford generator.

2, The equipment is driven by hydraulic pressure, all hydraulic parts are made of Taiwan brand.

3, dust collector is pulse cartridge back-blowing, 18 cartridges, ash discharge valve with vibrator for easy ash discharge.

4, with operating cab, indoor with air conditioning.

5, shot blasting machine for the width of 1000mm machine head, shot blasting motor 18.5kw two.

6, the head moves up and down flexibly and swings smoothly.

7, adjustable running speed.

Principle and use

Through the mechanical method of the pellet material to a very high speed and a certain angle throwing to the work surface of a machine, let the pellet material impact the surface of the road, so that the surface of the bridge rough and remove the effect of residues, while the negative pressure generated by the dust collector will be the pellet material and clean under the impurities dust and other recycling after airflow cleaning, intact pellet material will be automatically recycled, while impurities and dust will also fall into the dust collection box. This equipment is also used for steel plate surface descaling and brushing, mobile operation is simple, flexible and affordable.

Application of shot blasting machine

With the continuous improvement of shot blasting processing equipment and technology, It has entered the developed countries for road maintenance, bridge construction and airport maintenance etc


Technical Parameters:

Power input3*380V,50Hz
Throwing head motors
Rated input2*18.5KW
Outer (machine) housingPerformance Index - 54
Shot blasting efficiency
On concrete surfaces≥1300m2/h
On the surface of the steel plate≥300m2/h
Blast width1000mm
Forward speed0-110m/min
Steel shot consumptionLess than 100 g/m2
Speed reducers1.1KW
Auxiliary dust removalHC0418(18Cartridge)
Air compression power3KW
Dust removal power4KW

We also make 1270mm width model,the efficient is very high,any needs can let me know freely.

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