Single Arm Resin Sand Mixer S24 Series
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Product Description

S245 single arm high speed continuous mixer with a high speed mixer blade throwing cage new technology, so that the sand continuous and uniform, high efficient, reduce the labor intensity of the operator, the curing agent used imported metering pump, make adjustment more convenient, more accurate, more convenient to use and maintenance. The machine is easy and reliable operation, according to the different characteristics of the need to adjust the process to select, for continuous mixing no bake sand and water glass sand, also applies to the viscosity of 0.3-100mm2/s liquids and similar materials sand uniformly mixed system.

Technical Specifications

Outlet sand height 1200mm
Mix sand stirring cage radius 1500mm
Main motor 4kw
Speed  960rpm
Sand stirring cage rotation angle  ≥270 °
Compressed air pressure   0.5-0.6Mpa
Compressed air consumption 0.08 m3 / h
Resin, curing agent quantitative accuracy  ≤±2%  

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