Clay Sand Molding Line
Sand processing line productivity: 10 t/h, can meet the demands of a Z148 model line for sand, sand surface, back process, a single class of continuous production.

Process flow profile
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The main technical performance indicators

Sand processing line productivity: 10 t/h, can meet the demands of a Z148 model line for sand, sand surface, back process, a single class of continuous production.

Process flow profile

The whole technological process is: the vibrating conveyer shakeout machine, belt conveyor, magnetic separation - bucket machine - screening - sand cushion library - belt feeder to linear vibrating screen, bucket machine, sand mixing machine. Complementary makings screw feeder to join, old and new sand by belt feeder to join, water pipeline pump, sand, sand mixing machine so sand processing system, to complete its function.

The main equipment structure properties

equipment structure properties

L251 vibrating conveyer shakeout machine

L251 vibrating conveyer shakeout machine inertia vibrating shakeout machine, mainly used for casting production line of large, medium and small mold in continuous shakeout, casting sand from the casting on the vibration of the grid, sand group and broken down to back after burning on belt or vibration conveyor trough, casting by vibrating conveyer to the discharge end, the discharge end plug, transferred through the line. The product performance is reliable, stable operation, easy maintenance, less based dynamic load transfer. The vibration motor as vibration source, vibration shakeout machine installed on the two side, the grid plate welding seam type, and can tilt installed according to need.

Using the locking bolt. Fixing the vibrating motor, prevent shear.

Y33 Series Belt Conveyor

Y33A series belt conveyor is Y33 series belt conveyor modified, adapted to transport new foundry sand, sand, sand, coke, limestone, and food processing and chemical industries such as transport non-corrosive, low temperature of the material.

S99 Series Suspension Magnetic Separator

1)the main use of magnetic separator and magnetic separation equipment, it is the use of magnetic force will be ferromagnetic material separated from the nonmagnetic material, in order to protect the crushing screening and ascension, feeding, blending machine, molding machine normal operation of process equipment, transportation equipment and scrap metal recycling equipment.

2)the structure of its main components are: drive device, cylinder head, tail roller, frame, magnetic system, supporting bolts, ribbed belt, etc.

Y37 Series Bucket Elevator

The product is a kind of common mechanical workshop USES vertical transportation equipment, used to high position of conveying material bin or process mechanized equipment, suitable for packing density is less than 1.6 t/m3, easy to take out the powder, granular, small block of no cut sex or half grinding cut for bulk materials.

Y41 series belt feeder

TY41 series tape feeder is suitable for the foundry to wet sand, sand, sand and the sand of the processed material for feeding conveyor, can also be applied to other industries for short distance transport the granular material. Tape feeder in foundry sand processing system and sand can be used as a quantitative feeding in the preparation of ministry, uniform has great capacity of feeding, feeding, feeding the advantages of adjustable, unidirectional and bidirectional way of its structure, installation forms a type and suspending type. Type Y41 series tape feeding pause oil cold roller drive, and by the direction changing roller, tension plate, belt, frame, guide groove, clamp, adjustable volume reduction plate and hopper, etc. Adhesive tape feeding the tail wheel is equipped with speed sensor, skid when overload signal chain safeguard.

Delivery value:   20-40  m3/

Belt speed:      0.4    m/s

Width of tape:   500    mm

Power :         4     KW

S43 series fine hexagon screen

Applicable to the metallurgical, chemical industry, building materials and foundry for crushing screening piece of grain of material


Technical parameters:

Type:          S4310 

Productivity:     20t/h  

Mesh size:       6x26x3mm         

Power:          2.2KW 

S1416 efficient rotor sand mixer

S14 rotor type sand mixer is a new type of high efficiency, low consumption, high quality sand mixer, suitable for large and medium sized foundry sand processing production line, large productivity is mainly used for sand mixing clay types, can also be used in chemical industry, glass, building materials industries to mixing of powder and granular materials processing.

S355 Two-wheel loose sand machine

This machine is of simple structure, reliable use, convenient maintenance, loose sand and broken effect is good, it is mainly composed of the object, loose wheel gearing, hanging chain, spring plate, etc. Main pieces of the blade on the loose wheel were herringbone cross weld on the disc blade teeth are arranged chevron's role is to make the ejection part out of the sand can be gathered in the middle of the conveyor, in order to prevent the two side wall adhering sand. Herringbone tooth surface welding tungsten carbide blade, prolong the service life of blade, elastic plate to prevent iron cut tape, left and right sides set a watch on each side to observe the performance of the grinding wheel.

Belt width     500        mm

Power       4          KW

Z148 Sand molding machine

Main technical parameters:

Type:      Z148

Foundry flask max dimension(mm): 1000*950*150/200mm

Control system

1, the main electrical components adopt domestic famous brands. 

2, external go line adopts bridge, steel pipe line, power line using the cable.

Dust removal system

The design concepts of dust to dust removal effect is close friends certainly, all the dust collection point design gate regulating air volume, and total duct is equipped with butterfly valve for total air volume adjustment. Dust removal system with an advanced filter: filter area is 100 m2, and the arrangement of a set in front of the bag dust cyclone, can be the first large makings of dust capture.

Work when the dust air after connecting pipe into the dust collector through a bag filter, through centrifugal ventilator smoke into the chimney to air emissions. Use our general equipment bag dust collector, the efficiency of dust control  above 99.5%, and emissions acuities were 120 mg/m3, accord with GBJ4-73 industrial "three wastes" emissions standards.

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