Dustless Blasting Machine DB500 Wet Blaster
Sandblasting machine metal parts can not be damaged, dimensional accuracy will not change.
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1.Sandblasting machine metal parts can not be damaged, dimensional accuracy will not change.

2. Parts surface is not affected by pollution, abrasive will not react with parts material.

3. The sand blasting machine can easily deal with grooves, concave touching part.

4. Handling cost is greatly reduced, mainly embodied in the sandblasting machine work efficiency, can satisfy the requirement of all customers.

5. Low energy consumption, cost saving.

6. Sand blasting procedure is Eco-friendly, no pollution to environment.

Each model including:

1) 15m blast hose

2) Boron carbide nozzle

3) Nozzle head control valve

4) Top pinch valve

5) Pressure adjust filter

6) Pressure regulating valve

7) Pneumatic vibrator

8) Fill funnel

Technical Parameters:

ModelCapacity (CF)Lasting Time Per Fill (Min)DimensionWeight(Kg)Operation Pressure
DB500560H1560x1000x1080 mm~22030-150PSI

After test blasting for reference,widely application,below is only for example.



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