Since its establishment in 1992, Comrade Nan Yin has served as the general manager and chairman of the company. He has strong professionalism, abides by discipline and law, adheres to principles, acts fairly, dares to undertake business, and dares to innovate. In 2000, it put forward the business concept of "being faithful, loyal, innovative and serving the country". The income of enterprises has exceeded ten million yuan. In 2007, the development of enterprises and industries has become increasingly standardized and standardized. Faced with the new situation, the South General Review of the current situation, and put forward a new business concept of "dignity, respect, knowledge and standards". As a result, while innovating constantly, enterprises pay more attention to improving product quality, which also makes their performance exceed 100 million yuan and increase rapidly year by year. In 2017, their income reached 350 million yuan。

Comrade Nan Yin not only attaches importance to product development and product quality, personally participates in product design and won many awards, but also has an indispensable position in the industry, and pays special attention to enterprise management. Through standardizing system and strengthening service, enterprises can build bridges to connect customers through high-quality products, and truly achieve zero distance to customer service, so customer satisfaction has been maintained at a high level. At the same time, we should pay attention to strengthening the construction of departments, creating a good atmosphere of unity and progress, doing a good job in helping and leading, and paying attention to the cultivation of young cadres in-house, so as to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises. Focusing on the construction of corporate culture, we have always taken the lead in setting a good example, adhering to the fine tradition of "taking sincerity as the foundation, harmony as the primacy, and faith as the first", so as to keep the best organization, the best quality, the best physical and mental health of employees and the best living environment. In 2000, the first non-public enterprises in Daxing Industrial Development Zone established Party branches and trade union organizations, which not only supported the activities of Party branches and trade unions in enterprises, but also actively listened to the suggestions of Party branches and trade union organizations, and made positive efforts to create a harmonious and healthy business environment for enterprises。